3 Ways to Backup Contacts/SMS/Photos on Sony Xperia XZ/Z5/Z4/Z3


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Open this professional Sony Xperia Z3 data backup & restore tool on computer, connect your Sony Xperia Z3 to PC using the cable provided with your device, enable the USB debugging mode on your Sony Xperia phone. And you now can see the primary window of Android Sony Xperia backup app. Click the Backup button. Then it would display the the backup list. Jun 27,  · How to Backup and Restore Sony Xperia Z+ DRM Keys and Keep DRM Functionality after Root. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. To back up content. From your Home screen, tap. Find and tap Back up & restore. Tap Back up, then tap Back up now. Enter a password for the backup, then tap OK.

Backup and restore application – Sony Xperia™ SP support (United Kingdom)

And you may lose them in so many ways, including factory reset, accidental deletion, system update, and so on. It is possible that everyone knows how to transfer the information to the internal storage or a SIM card. Sony users are even allowed to do it with an online synchronization tool such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. But do you sony xperia backup any idea how those data can be copied to PC? Before this, you might want to stop using the phone for the sake of the files, because they can be overwritten and be gone.

Yet, there should be more options. Try and decide which one suits you most. You can back up your contacts on device simply with the help of the Gmail. But before you can do the backup, sony xperia backup, you need to sign in the google account. If you don't have this account, please register one.

Then just follow the guide below to sync the data:. No USB Drivers are needed. You can use it to manage files, backup and restore your devices, and so on. You need sony xperia backup have the software installed. And then connect your phone to the computer. If this is the first time you use this, sony xperia backup application will sony xperia backup it downloaded. After that, press "Start". You will then see this interface. Click the button "Backup" in the middle.

You can tap "Settings", and decide how long a backup should be created. Note: When you are copying data back to the phone, use the button "Restore" and then "Next". Next, on the pop-up window, the to-be-backed-up items need to be selected. More information about the content can be seen by clicking sony xperia backup link in blue color. After the phrase of "Preparation", this window will show up, meaning that file saving is in process.

And finally, the items you choose are to be displayed, sony xperia backup. Click "OK" to finish. Sony contacts can be saved via Android Manager which can back up the name, phone numbers, sony xperia backup, e-mail, company, etc. It is possible to add some new persons' numbers, merge the repeated contacts, delete those unuseful info with the help of it.

In order to do contacts backup, some tips are listed below. Click the icon above to download the program to manage your phone data. Run this program and connect Sony to PC so that you can gain the interface as following after choosing "Android".

Consquently, you will preview the results on the PC with opening folder. Though the main feature being recovering files, the program is still efficient in terms of data management. Without saying, connection between the phone and computer is important for us to proceed, sony xperia backup.

When the program is launched, you will see this interface if the sony xperia backup option is not switched on. The instructions of how to enable it has been shown. Please follow it and continue.

Two choices will be left for you, which are "Backup" and "Restore". We want to click the first one and then tick "Contacts". If you are going to copy the things back to the phone, use "Recover" instead. And you'll be asked to choose one of the history file. The last thing you do is clicking "Backup" at the bottom right, sony xperia backup. Mobile Transfer can also be used to backup smartphones.

But, it is more powerful than that. This application allows users to seamlessly copy data between phones, or between phones and computers. Download it by clicking the buttons. Install Mobile Transfer and open it. On the colorful interface, sony xperia backup functions are offered.

Now, click the section "Back Up Your Phone" in light blue. If you can not get the handset connected, do it with another cable or computer. And, when you want to transfer the information back to the Sony again, click the green rectangle named "Restore From Backups". Also, you are allowed to choose file types. The software will scan for the data automatically. After that, sony xperia backup, tick "Contacts" and press the blue button "Start Copy". Wait until this box pops up. And click "OK" to finish, sony xperia backup.

If you want to restore the data from backup on PC to your device the target sony xperia backup can be the one your back up from or the other devicesit is very simple as well. Actually, you can restore contacts with the programs that are recommended above. We can see that the methods above are very easy to handle. Only a few clicks are needed. But, obviously, we have a winner. And don't forget to set up backup files regularly.

Usually, once per month is enough for most situations. Android Recovery. Transfer Phone Transfer Android Transfer. Reviews Mobile Review App Review. Videos Video Guide.

There would be a pop-up window to prompt you that the sony xperia backup would be moved to your Google account. You can log in your google account to check whether the contacts are backed up or not. Step 1. Plug the Sony Phone in You need to have the software installed. Step 2. Download Download. Subscribe for regular Tech news and more mobile infos.


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Part One: Backup and Restore Sony Xperia Data with Sony PC Companion Sony PC Companion is a tool and application package provided by the Sony Company. With it, you can update device software, backup the phone, transfer content from an iPhone to an Xperia phone, and so on. Official Sony Xperia Support Staff. If you're new to our forums, make sure that you've read our Discussion guidelines. To get in touch with your local support team, please visit our contact page. 4 Kudos Reply. Xperia Companion Backup Error. To back up content. From your Home screen, tap. Find and tap Back up & restore. Tap Back up, then tap Back up now. Enter a password for the backup, then tap OK.