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Mar 18,  · Nokia makes a big deal about the Lumia 's camera, and with good reason. While it's down on megapixels versus the Galaxy S4 ( to 13), the Occupation: Editor-In-Chief, ayungs.tk Nokia Lumia specs compared to Samsung I Galaxy S4. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side. What is the difference between Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the smartphone ranking.

Nokia Lumia - Full phone specifications

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Click OK and continue to use the site. Windows is, surprisingly for something coming from Redmond, simple and responsive, but it lacks some features and third party support is rather poor.

Android is highly customizable but also a bit sluggish from time to time, especially on the Galaxy S4 that is skinned with TouchWiz UI and bundled with a rather large selection of Samsung apps and features. S4 vs nokia lumia 920 then you do get a whole bunch of gestures, s4 vs nokia lumia 920, from Air View, that lets you control the content on the screen with your finger, without actually touching the glass, to Air gestures and the eye tracking capabilities of this handset, that lets you interact with the phone just by moving your head.

These gestures and special features only work in a few apps right now and they might be considered a gimmick by some of you, but they can also be a strong selling point for the S4.

On the other hand, the Lumia bundles the few gems offered by the Windows Phone environment, like Office for instance, that integrates with Office and Skydrive and lets you access and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

But you also get the suite of Here apps, including Maps, Drive and Lens, and together they provide the best in-built navigation features available on any phone right now. All in all, both phones can easily handle the basics, but also multimedia content and more. Anyway, there are other things setting these two apart. As a result, good and fair light shots are comparable, the S4 having the higher resolution and the more natural looking colors and contrast on its side, as the Nokia does tend to skew colors badly in this case.

When it comes to indoor or poor light shots, the PureView technology on the Lumia does work wonders though. Also, the optical Image stabilization on the Nokia does help with videos, as I got quite shaky footage with the Samsung, while the one coming out of the Lumia is far smoother. Pictures and clips aside, the S4 offers a way more complex camera interface then the and lots of extra features and shooting modes, like Dual-Shot, Drama Shot, and many more.

So all in all, while the main shooter on the Lumia does offer better pics in poor-light and more stable videos, the S4 is a versatile camera-phone as well. Next, the S4 vs nokia lumia 920 Lumia is one of the best smartphones you can use for taking calls these days, with a clear earpiece, good microphones and splendid noise cancelling, s4 vs nokia lumia 920.

And then there are the screens. Even so, the blacks on the Nokia are not as deep as on the Samsung, which completely turn off the pixels when displaying black content, but the whites are richer and the screen is also brighter, which makes it more suitable for outside or strong light use. Samsung enriched the screen on the S4 with a Professional Photo color mode and as a result, the S4 does produce vibrant, but more natural looking colors.

Even so, they do seem a bit over-saturated next to the ones on the Lumia. Anyway, time to turn turn our attention to how these two devices feel and look, s4 vs nokia lumia 920. Both phones will be available in several different colors, and the Galaxy S4 is for sure the more slender handset here, s4 vs nokia lumia 920, being slimmer and significantly lighter than the Lumiawhile only a tad longer, and that despite packing a 5 inch screen. But it is also not as solid-built as the Nokia, which is tough as a brick and should handle everyday hassle easily.

The Galaxy, with its glossy plastic body though, just asks for a case to cover its fragility and prone to scratches back cover. Still, the S4 is the more comfortable s4 vs nokia lumia 920 use of the two and just sits better in hand. Maybe you will. The Samsung handset does stand out when it comes to practicality, as its rear cover is removable and allows you to access a user-replaceable battery and a microSD card slot, both features missing on the Nokia.

It also offers more sensors than the Nokia, with an IR blaster, a thermometer and a pedometer, better connectivity options and a superior front-facing camera, plus a notification LED that I did find very useful, despite being dimmer than it was on the S3.

And then, the S4 packs faster hardware then the Lumiawhich does show in benchmarks and while loading complex apps. But the Lumia is actually more responsive and does offer a more consistent everyday experience, s4 vs nokia lumia 920, without the occasional stuttering encountered on the Galaxy. Last but not least, the S4 does last longer on a charge.

Both phones can last through the day with average use, but the Galaxy can reach the end of the second in most cases. Besides that, the S4 packs an easily replaceable battery that you can swap for a new one if needed. Of course, when setting to compare a 6 months old phone like the Nokia Lumia with the brand new star s4 vs nokia lumia 920 the Samsung armada, we were expecting the Samsung to prevail.

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Menu Home Reviews Tops Comparisons. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia full comparison. By Andrei Girbea - andreigirbeaupdated on June 4, Both are top smartphones, yet so different.

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s4 vs nokia lumia 920


The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia are two of the best smartphones of the moment, and in this article (and the attached video) we’re going to pitch one against the other and see which is the better pick right now and ayungs.tk: Andrei Girbea. Nokia Lumia Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced Sep Features ″ IPS LCD display, Snapdragon S4 Plus chipset, 8 MP primary camera, MP front camera, mAh battery, 32 GB Reviews: 12K. What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia ? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the smartphone ranking.