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The magic jack is a wonderful device that gives you a secondary telephone line, allowing you to make unlimited international phone calls. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about carrying a separate device along thanks to several magicjack apps. magicApp Calling & Messaging enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi or 4G provided that the receiver has the app installed on their device. magicJack America offers unlimited calling to any U.S. & Canada phone number (mobile or landline)Own a U.S. phone number for LIFE. FREE App-to-App calling and messaging with NO ADS! U.S. phone number = FREE local call for family and friends STOP paying for international calls to.

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Wait until magicJack updates the app. See most recent comments as of this update. So far it has a rating of almost 5 stars on Google Play.

There are a couple threads on magicjacksupport. Update Sorry to hear that. I thought it was a battery hog on my Samsung Galaxy Player, but not that bad. Thanks for your comments! I want to verify that you were able to download the magicjack app on a samsung galaxy player and through the app you were able to use the player as a phone? Looking into as an option for my son, although I realize he will need wifi to use, magic jack smartphone app android. Thanks for your feedback!

Jen, It works, sort of. Call quality is sketchy on the app, but can do in a pinch. Why not just try Google Hangouts app?

Another alternative is Skype, but it can be a battery drain too. You can use the MJ app at home, I do it all the time! I can use it anywhere, as long as I have WiFi or data on my cell. Other wise the incoming calls to magic jack smartphone app android home will also ring on the cell phone app. I already download the Magic Jack on my tablet. Anoj, george p.

Until that time, it is unfortunate that the app is not going magic jack smartphone app android work for you. No way to shut off the app. You have to remove it from the device. One way to shut off the app is to log out and have it not remember your credentials. If you have a long email and password, it can be crummy to have to do that very often.

To use magicjac skype not work connection faild you must force shut down the majicjac before using skype. I gave up on Skype for my android device. On top of that, the mJ app was also draining battery life so that I was often forced to charge again before the end of the day. So I deleted the mJ magic jack smartphone app android. Hopefully a future version will be more device friendly. I have a problem. I installed magic jack on my magic jack smartphone app android galaxy ace.

Do you have the magicJack device in your home? I have Tablet PC andriod ver 4. Kindly reply me.? Most android devices are phones or mp3 players that do not have USB hosting capability, magic jack smartphone app android. Because of this, magicJack has not yet come out with an app that allows the magicJack device to be served via android-hosted USB.

In other words, you cannot plug your magicJack device into your android 4. You cannot enable your magicJack plus from your android device. You cannot serve your magicJack usb-only version from android. You will need a windows or mac desktop or laptop to make either device work. The current magicJack app for android requires you to have already installed your magicJack device on a separate windows or mac machine — allowing magic jack smartphone app android to then mirror that account on your android device, or you can pay for a new android-software-only magicJack account that does not include a device, magic jack smartphone app android.

Frankly, the existing app is still too battery-intensive for reasonable use on an android phone, and it will likely be a while before magicJack supports android usb-hosted magicJack setup. I app works great on my Samsung phone. Does it use more battery power than I like yes but it works flawlessly to make and receive calls, I can answer my home phone on my cell if I choose.

Love the app! Good for you! For the moment, so long as you have any version of Android between Gingerbread 2. It should be a green icon at the top of the list. Select that app and click the install button. Since you live in the US, downloading the app, should magic jack smartphone app android a cinch.

I install magic jack and viber, but viber do not work after using magic jack…Do you have same problem? Viber may be using the same ports as magicJack.

Good Luck. Hello Canada! I wonder … is there any MagicJack application for latest Android 4. Still not sure what kind of device I will buy. I have downloaded magicjack on my samsung galaxy tab model GT-P I works great but the problem is that the screen totally blacks out during any incoming or outgoing calls in such a way that I can hangup, dial any nber especially during voice mail access.

The only way is to pwer off te entire tab. It sounds like the app is conflicting with something else in your system. There may be other apps that compete for similar resources. If you have the time, you could try removing other apps while testing this app to see which one may be conflicting with this app.

I like the application so far. I am using it on my tablet. I start it when I plan to use it. I am able to run Skype at the same time. Everything works fine. I like it better on the tablet better than the older magicjack that needed a Windows system to work with. That was fine till I switched to linux, magic jack smartphone app android. I am sure that the application will improve with time. It works great on my tablet. Battery drains, but its ok. I dont have any phone, other than this and my home lan magicjack.

Your IP suggests you live in Malaysia. If you do live in Malaysia, you can use it to call any US or Canadian phone number free — most of the time. For sure, there will be a 3. Good luck. I just downloaded last night, lg esteem, works flawlessly.

But during a call, it has the persons name and 1 more. What does that mean? Its kinda creepy and would hate to have to uninstall because other than that it works great…Can anyone help? If you do not know what a pin register is google it.

I do suggest you google it for good reason. That is all I am going to say, by the way enjoy your next cup of decaf. Question I picked my number that I sed for home. Is there a way to clear this so that I can pick a number for the app? Change the device number to the magicJack number instead of your home phone number. Good luck! I installed mj on my acer jellybean tablet today. It works great!! It was installed first on my win7 computer, but have no idea if that was necessary or not.

Its a great app. If you own the magicJack plus or USB version, you can set up your router to intelligently funnel magicJack data to your phone.

You could try setting up your router and report back. I guess the magicjack is free on android, I have a magic jack dongle with an active subscription,if I link it on my android will it work?

David, you have the option of using either the existing telephone number for your current magicJack dongle or paying for a new telephone number for the android device. If you want to call other POTS numbers, under the phone numbers tab of your account dashboard, associate your existing phone number with the android device too.

That means two devices, android and magicJack, magic jack smartphone app android, may now answer the same number.


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magic jack smartphone app android


This app, available for iOS and Android, lets you extend the functionality of MagicJack hardware to your smartphone, though it can also be used if you don’t own any MagicJack hardware. How much. Find magicJack software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web. If we become aware of unreasonably excessive use of the Services, including but not limited to, usage that is extraordinarily greater than the average customer usage, or calling more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or forwarding calls from your App for longer than a two week consecutive period, or systematic or intentional misuse.